A reality; unique for your business

Leader in the distribution of products for kiosks, bars, pharmacies and supermarkets

Adela is a member of the University of California. a company national leader in the distribution of products for kiosks, bars, supermarkets and pharmacies.
A reality; unique, in continuous growth that proposes itself as the ideal partner for your business; thanks to an effective multi-channel marketing system, and a wide range of products offered with exclusive delivery and payment services.


Multichannel, dedicated payment solutions, distribution efficiency


These are some of the values ​​on which Adela has built its identity.

The world of Adelzon é characterized by an extraordinary assortment of products which, day after day, allows us to pursue the same goal: to offer each customer everything they need. it needs in its retail outlet. Grazie ad attente analisi cerchiamo continuamente di anticipare le tendenze di mercato promuovendo dunque un catalogo prodotti sempre nuovo ed aggiornato.

“Se si vuole riuscire in questo mondo non bisogna essere molto più intelligenti degli altri.
Bisogna essere in anticipo di un giorno”.

Così the physicist Leo Szilard, one of the fathers of atomic energy, wrote in his diary. It was 1933 and he had managed to escape the Nazis by taking the train to Switzerland the day before Germany closed its borders. A great little story that tells us how important it is to play in advance, understand where the market is going, choose those strategies that seem to prove to be the most profitable. effective in the long term.


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